Basic commands in Linux

Linux has a hundred useful commands for you can easily interact such as system, file, folder, network, etc.
In the following sections, we discuss all the Linux command line and how to efficiently use it in specific cases.

Command Description Example
man Show manual for a command man ssh
ssh Remote login client ssh tets@ [-p port_number]
whoami Who logged in
w Display who is online
date Show current date and time of system
free Show memory and swap usage
df Show disk usage
du Show directory space usage
top Display Linux processes
ctrl + c Halts current command
ctrl + z Stops current command
ctrl + t Open new window in terminal
exit Log out of current session
cd [dir] Go to a directory
cd .. Back to previous directory
cd Go to home
pwd Show the path of current directory
ls List all things on a directory
ls -la List all things on a directory include hidden files
touch myfile Create or update a file
cat myfile Output contents of file
head myfile Output first default 10 lines of file head -n 100 myfile
tail myfile Output last default 10 lines of file tail -n 100 myfile
cp myfile1 myfile2 Copy myfile1 to myfile2
mv myfile1 myfile2 Rename myfile1 to myfile2
tail -f myfile Output contents of file as it grows
chmod Change permission of file
rm [-f] Remove a file rm -f myfile
mkdir mydir Create a new directory
rm [-r] Remove a directory rm -rf mydir
tar cf myfile.tar myfiles Compress myfiles into myfile.tar
tar xf myfile.tar Decompress myfile.tar into current directory
ps aux Display currently active processes in detail
lsof -i:port_number Find information of the app which is running on port_number lsof -i:80
kill pid Kill process with pid number kill 381296
killall myapp Kill all processes named myapp
ping host Check connection to a host ping
wget [options] [url] Download a file from url wget

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