How to stake EOS

EOS is the crypto currency of EOSIO blockchain platform which is free for transactions on it but require your account has to available resources (CPU and NET) that are required to perform any actions on the blockchain. Therefore, you need to stake your EOS token to get CPU and NET back. When you stake for them, you will be allowed to send more transactions in a period of time, as the size of transaction consumes CPU and NET.
Additional , the amount of EOS staked is also your voting power because you can vote for any block producer that you want (in EOSIO has 21 active block producers who produce blocks and other standby block producers who will wait for you voting to become a active block producer).
When you staked EOS token, they will not be accessible until you decide to unstake them. Once you unstake the tokens, you will have to wait three days for those tokens to be transferred from your staked balance to your unstaked balance.

There are steps for you can stake EOS tokens:
1. You go to and login with your favorite wallet

2. Click to Wallet tab
3. Choose Stake CPU/NET on the right

4. Type your amount of EOS tokens that you want to stake then click to Stake button.

In next post, I will guide you how to voting and earn EOS tokens.
Thank you for your reading!

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