EOS vs TRON Comparison

TRON and EOS. The first thing that has to be noted about these two different blockchains is that it isn’t really fair to compare them to one another. They are just too different in both agenda and design.
All of these blockchain networks believe that they have what it takes to go beyond the simple currency or asset application of Bitcoin and instead become the standard infrastructure for decentralized applications (dapps) and smart contracts.

Founded by Justin Sun, TRON raised a total of $70 million before launching its main net on May 2018. According to its whitepaper, the TRON code base was originally a fork or copy of Ethereum and it uses a fork of the Solidity smart contract language, which was the programming language developed for and most popularly used on Ethereum. As a result, Ethereum smart contracts and token standards are compatible with the TRON ecosystem. TRON was developed as an answer to Ethereum’s lack of scalability.
TRON uses something called Delegated Proof-of-Stake where 27 elected Super Representatives produce blocks for the network.


EOSIO was developed by a private company called Block.one. It has had the most successful crowdsale in history raising a total of $4 billion with a yearlong fundraising campaign. The EOS main net launched on June 14, 2018.

Like TRON, EOS stresses that it is a platform for decentralized applications that is scalable and usable in the real world, unlike Ethereum, which is way too slow. To achieve this scalability, EOS also relies on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake mechanism in order to confirm its transactions where 21 elected Block Producers actively maintain and build the network.
However, unlike TRON, EOS has zero transactions fees so is essentially free to use. EOS also uses a unique governance system that includes a written constitution and the ability to change the protocol, account access, and the constitution itself if at least 15 out of the 21 Block Producers agree.


Native CoinTronix (TRX)EOS (EOS)
Consensus MechanismDelegated Proof-of-StakeDelegated Proof-of-Stake
Transactions Per Second (TPS)20004000
Market Cap (as of 28 March 2019)$1.5 Billion$3.8 Billion
Mainnet Launch Date25 June 2018June 14 2018
Total Raised in Crowdsale$70 Million$4 Billion
Biggest Public ControversyPlagiarismFreezing Accounts
Active users2,263,339877,469
Dapp Daily Active Users70,000110,000
Active Addresses60,00070,000
Developers working on core protocol per month25+30+

The blockchain race is a long one and whoever is leading today may fade into oblivion next year. The good news is that if you have strong conviction on which blockchain is the best.
If you have any concerning, go to TRON FAQ or EOS FAQ.

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